You And I

I fell, I cry,
I ask to be my.

I am like snake; - traits- of all,
I am liar, fraud, hypocrite gall.
I am time passer and narrow-minded crap,
I am the barren road; injured feet scrap.

I am stupid, ‘senseless' and stepped back,
I am the negative-minded moron yak.
I am worst, coward, and rogue raver,
I am selfish and egoist craver.

But still- -
I fell, I cry,
I ask to be my.

Feel like bobolink and bumble bee,
Wandering eyes only searching thee.
Like pouring rain in empty hands,
Getting wet the soul of sands.

Dim half-moon and the bare branches of scary tree,
Your thoughts in the mortal world yet thee.
You! ! ! The light in the dark hole,
You! ! ! The cherishing, relishing, and darling soul.

You are limitless celestial sphere,
In my words, thoughts and feelings appear.
Watering, begging and shriving eyes,
Intuition of pure LOVE sighs.

I fell, I cry,
I ask to be my.

by Sidra Mahmood Khan

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Wandering eyes only searching thee...beautiful expression of love. A passionate outpouring of emotions. Keep inking.