You And I

I explain quietly. You
hear me shouting. You
try a new tack. I
feel old wounds reopen.

You see both sides. I
see your blinkers. I
am placatory. You
sense a new selfishness.

I am a dove. You
recognize the hawk. You
offer an olive branch. I
feel the thorns.

You bleed. I
see crocodile tears. I
withdraw. You
reel from the impact.

by Roger McGough

Comments (28)

Amazing Thought and beautiful poem...I like all lines........
So do not trust anyone more than you...
Meaning - if the person looks afraid they are a coward, if they stand up for themselves they are mean, if they don't talk they are ignoring or avoiding the issue, if they try to talk they are trying to argue, etc etc etc. Nothing is right anymore when the love has become undone.
My fiance and I joke about the extreme hyper-sensitivity we gain when we are in love (us and everyone) and I think this is the sad part to it - only seeing negative in ALL actions of that person no matter the motives (or the shades of grey) in the actions.
I think this is a strong and to-the-point poem on reflection of lovers and how they can only see one side of humans, versus the different textures or layers, once they are both baited into a sort of arch-nemesis in relationship capacity versus (in love or loving each other unconditionally) .
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