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Who Is Called Orphan?

Who is called orphan?

Tuesday, March 13,2018
8: 45 PM

Who is called orphan?
Are they not human?
Who is responsible for their fate?
We are sorry to state

It is our sex hunger
That makes unborn to suffer
Unwed mothers leave them om road
Many people pick them to be sold later

Some children are compelled to beg
The child mafias put a tag
Recover price they had incurred
And put them on the busy road

Many are given shelter in shelter homes
Where they arebrought up with enough of cares
They are made to sleep on the floor
Some are found asleep in public places anywhere

Our society is sympathetic and kind
They offer liberally whenever an appeal is made for donation
At least some are brought up and imparted training
This is a new phase of learning for them

by Hasmukh Amathalal

Comments (2)

Which one were you? The one on the tip of the Big Dipper? Or the one just south of the milky way? ? I love stars...there's something about them that makes the world seem right again...it makes our own cares seem minute in comparison. Nice poem. Hugs, Dee
For rememberign and being with someone, you don't have to be physically with that someone...well said in this poem! ! Preets