You And Me Again

If I should carve upon our family tree
Initials embedded forever of you and me
If I place a slice of life under a microscope what would we see
I’d see a menagerie of tangled roots I’m sure
Binding everything that is simple and pure
Dispensing an aura with much allure
Your past seems strange but not untrue
And before anyone bids adieu
With good intentions I’ll pursue
Your reflection beaming so immense
Has me teetering on the fence
Your presence eludes my common sense
I don’t want to sound like an old cliché
But you are a bright star sent my way
And I’m on a rainbow path I yet to survey
We could be two lost people inhabiting one brain
Who just don’t know when to come out of the rain
So how many chances do we entertain
When one rendezvous seems so apropos
Words not spoken cement a silence we all know
Let’s not become the subject matter for a silent picture show
Two halves can meld into one opportunity
That was made especially for you and me

by Alfred Ramos

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good poem..................