You And Me Princess...

I look deep into your eyes
I'm stuck and memorized
I'll be forever true.. not tell a single lie
for your love and for your heart i will always fight
that means i will always love you right
your like my sun that stays real bright
your like my food.. fills me up with delight
all i have to give to you is pure love
i see u across the pitch.. i run for a hug
hug you so tight..
your like my own dose of a drug
that rushes.. throughout my vains
and a soft touch that gives life and such
a touch whom for i go insane
you took everything even my pain
and this i mean you are my suger cane
cause are my sweet
and when you speak
my knees shake.. you make me so weak
but it is you that gets me back on my feet
and it is you for whom i bleed
when we plant our seed a tree will grow
and from that tree of knowledge we will know
to our seeds we will show
and then we will watch them grow

by Adrian Equihua

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your words are so sweet to my ears...and h.e.a.r.t