AG ( / 'The love of one's country is a splendid thing. But why should love stop at the border? ')

You And Me, The Children Of Dacians & Huns

We walk on this land like our ancestors did
Only upright
two-legged animals
Touching grass of their grass
from long ago
Eating their sacred plants
an heirloom they left us
to live here
as reincarnated versions of them

Our Ancestors -
those joyous extinct figures
still here as holograms
gatherers and hunters
eating with bare hands
So much joy in eating with fingers!
To renounce the formality of forks and knives
and return to our uncouth selves

They roamed these same hill-tops
Kissed and mated here
On dew-licked grass
thousands of years ago
Beside a fire
under the naked sky
where stories were shared
instead of television
shorter versions of us kissed and held hands.
I see in your face a resemblance to mine: my dark hair, my skin, my eyes,
You, my sweet, modern version of your father’s father and of mine
We come to this mountain to smell
stones that fossilized
sweat from our ancestors foreheads
when it fell.

(to Cosmin Szekely, who always denied his Hun-ness, never deny any part of yourself)

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