You And Me (Thnx Doc.)

Poem By BitterSweet love

I lie on the ground,
and stare into space,
the stars move around
into the shape of your face.

I see you there
looking down at me,
with that cute little wink
That I love to see

If you asked me to close my eyes
And tell you what I see
I would tell you that
I see only two people,
just you and me.

Comments about You And Me (Thnx Doc.)

aww! thats really cute, and really good!
Your poem is very lovely. I liked it a lot.
Hmmmm wonder who this' about? I KNOW! ! George and Barbara Bush! ! : -D
This Poem Is Cute! I Love It!
Cutie, This one should be named 'You & Me'.

3,3 out of 5
6 total ratings

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Not Good With Titles... Unknown

You make me feel special,
You make me feel new,
You make me feel loved,
With everything you do.