(15.12.1975 / Manikgonj (Bangladesh))

You And My Defeated Heart


You are a Commander,
You had promised me
when I had Joint with you in the life Battle-field,
You will be beside me-
You will show the way,
When the dark night come in my life,
When the thunder will hit
all of my branches of heart.
If some enemy will come to me
Then you will fight with them
You will safe me from that field by your technique.
All every thing was false which you have promised me.
When you have see some rain in my life-
Then you have run away
and destroy my all everything,
But I have done so many things for you in that ware place,
I have taken care of you by my small capacity,
I have wait for you in the tent-
so that you can sleep there safely,
I never think about myself because of you.
But you have show to all people-
I am a liar, Criminal,
I am God of that loser life.
Now I am a defeated shoulder.
No people salute me,
no people give me welcome,
No people think about my health,
Only because of I am a defeated shoulder.
It is my great consolation that-
I have try to make your success,
I have try make freedom of your world.
But the lord have made you my commander,
so I was defeated-
because of your bad command.
Your greedy mind,
Your cheating and dirty heart,
but show my fault in front of all people
who was waiting to see our success,
from the battle-field.
Some people will give you flower, gift,
Some people will give you gold meddle and so many title.
I am a shoulder-
So no people would think about me that
I have hearted-
Only for safe you
only for some of your bad command and misunderstanding.
Now I am very sick,
I can’t think properly,
I can’t understand my right way.
One day all people will forget me,
You also be forget then as like that day,
When you have run away from my life.
But me......?
I shall live alone up to my die
With bruised all over this life.

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