(15.12.1975 / Manikgonj (Bangladesh))

You And Some Bad Dream

It have passed so many time,
From my life with play and sleep.
But you didn’t asked me
How is me and how is my life.
Only you have seen useless
in my passed whole life.
You didn’t come to me.
You didn’t catch my hand,
You didn’t sit beside me-
in the moon light night.
So you will come to me
as a fallen flower,
with a deep dark,
Or with a thunder air?
I feel so afraid in my mind-
if i can’t understand you!
Or if you can’t understand me
in that raining storm night.
Some time I think so much
Between you and me
About some moment, breath
and about some bad greedy experience
But it is not so long time,
Today I am useless, paralyzed.
but i want to know, are you still as like before?
some enemy have made nest in your life?
Some bad vulture have crowed in your heart?
Please come to me when you feel tired and bored

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