JM (28 04 75 / wallasey)

You Are

You scrawny piece of inebriated turd
You infinately cack worthless old bird
You filthy stinky sore pus carcass breath
You awful half cremated sour fetid death
You morbid sordid sweating leech of society
You turgid scrunched up putrid infidel
You worth nothing, a pint of stale belief
You dirt, woodworm infested crawling non relief
You a sponge soaking up all the emotions
You a streptococci bacteria exuding gout
You poo. A long stringy brown dollop of twirl
Arotten little disease filled olden cow
You are so useless your mother fed you
To the crows who peck your body to demise
And how unwise. For then you pecked
At your father. Hen pecked your own dad
You sludge. A bucket of vomit and scrapie
Mouldy fudge. Rancid viper and smelly eyes
The limpets don't love you and I don't
They tried cleaning you with Borax
And you just hit back ith your thorax
Swiping it mercilessly at the disinfectant
Vile beast of the hebridean faults
A mad eagle headed man in a vault
Stumbling half person stitched in red
Gash to your repulsive ogre head
Hatred is too mild. Rebuff the slime
Slime in the time that you pounced vicious
Creature of voluptuous moulting chest
All of them pacified thought that did infest
Raving irresponsible you mugging thug
Thug of the mug and mug of the bug
Bug faced corpulent sleaze mouth
Seize the day and twist it into horrid bits
Ransacked my one elf that I left for
The you. You are screwed used hogarths
Vilified semi detached brain of nought
I was bought for 20p and fumigated
YOU ARE (c) Maddock 2001- cont...
Rinse me. Clean me of all those terrapins
Terrorist terrapins and needles in my cheek
For only a week and then you, you took
Out a triangle and placed it on my face
Subjugated any reasons of inifinate laughter
Showed me your youness. Not much good then
a spinning foul creation of mulch and macho
Vat of terror. It was filled with all of prices
It cost me too much to awaken the dead
So I didn't bother and woke you instead
Since as you are inactive compound B anyway
And your head is gay
I flet nothing when you were grating the food
And slipped a bright dull finger into the air
It slashed a thousand misfits into half wits
And swiped a pedicure in secret for my hair
Terrible. You. You ruined my crap existence
Fungi breath and panting filthy goon
Go away soon.
Die in a tomb Of paper envelopes
It was stamped, sealed, signed and delivered
To the worst philistinic cretin this side of other
Mother. You carp, shark, snake, unpasturised cheese
Fanatical Hisbollah lion terrorist in fleas
You snuck into the back and hid howling
In a desperate attempt to try and play Quoits
With a sneaky desperado called a bald
Snaggle drum bum of epic large grossness
You you you you you you you you

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