You Are

You're the water upon my sea
You erase the fears that's inside me
You're the sky upon my world
You're the treasure that i'm willing to hold

You're the truth behind my lies
You're my shoulder when i cry
You keep me safe when i'm at ease
You're the one i'll always miss

You're my guard when i'm asleep
You're my strength, at times im weak
You're the answers to all my doubts
You're the smile behind my laughs

You're always there when i'm in need
You mend my heart that once had bleed
You're the only one that i had chose
You're mine, and suddenly in yours.

by mhadz reyes

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What an important man to you....waiting for your second poem......
take care of it very much...coz when you lose it...the trouble is going to be very huge....welcome Mhadz