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You Are.
DIG (jan/21/93 / Austin)

You Are.

Poem By daddy's irish girl wade

I love you for what you are,
I love you for what you have made of me,
I love you cause you care,
I love when our red rosey lips toch,
Your muscular arms,
Your black curly hair,
The way you put your hands on my body,
The way you talk,
How you think of me,
Many things that you do for me,
Don't forget me,
Don't let someone eles still me away,
Don't let me exscape your love,
Don't trow it all away,
Stay here and keep me in at night,
Always love me,
Always care for me,
Don't let it die,
Not here not now,
Right when we start to fall for each other,
Just think of me and i will always be right were you want me.

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