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You Are

You are Devotion’s dream,
Tangled in the sheets of a twilight silhouette’s intemperance.
You are every star.
You are the first breath,
Of which, I felt linger on my lips.
You are the first beat,
The Grip,
The quiver in my heart.
You are a lilt of allure
rustling my moon lit curtain.
You are Devotion’s dream.
I feel a feather of flames,
an affinity’s swoon sizzled sequin
Vermilion’s little burden.
I touch every emotion’s tantalized seam.
I worry my eyes will never taste your soul.
I am the forgotten, wading in this Eternal,
I am locked in that first gaze,
which we held.
I understand now,
how Heaven can feel like Hell.
I say that one moment,
Though betrothed,
To Brevity,
Is worth the marring of my rind’s orchid,
In a torch-lit, REVERIE
I try to remain in this one moment,
I hope that you remain there too.
Lost in the whispers of this labyrinth's dream.
I am,
Flamewicked by Thee.

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