You Are

Poem By Robin Parker

You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.
You are my rainbow on a day thats grey
You are the butterflies in my stomach
You are the tears that fall from my eyes
You are the breeze that flows through my hair
You are that special light in my sky
You are sometimes my reason
You are a new flower in the spring
You are a bubbling brooke that flows
You are what no one else can see
You are like the tallest tree
You have hope for the world.
You cause me to see something new
You make everything dissappear
You are a candle in the night
You make shatterd glass seem like soft silk
You believe in me
You are the new freshness in the air
You my friend, are so much
You just dont know it.

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Now imagining me saying that 2 u and thats how i feel towards u babe

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