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You Are A Proud Old Warrior

Your hair looks silvery with age you've seen a better day
And you are too old to be worrying of what others of you say
Still your ego is inflated and though time's not on your side
You are quite self conceited and you must live up to your pride.

I've often heard it said before that pride comes before a fall
And though we ought to learn from life from life you've not learned at all
On the flagpost in your front yard your Nation's flag in the wind wave
For to show your patriotism you with one foot in your grave.

You talk about past battles of decades now long gone
From war you have not learned a thing in life you've not moved on
With your war medals penned to your coat in a public display
How proudly you march in the parade on War memorial day.

You say you fought for freedom what's freedom you tell me
You won't find many people who can say that they live free
Of one fear or the other each day we read and hear
Of crimes committed against human beings in a World ruled by fear.

You are a proud old warrior for to give you your fair due
And to the cause of patriotism you ever remain true
Of war and soldier heroes you well may proudly sing
But when you talk of freedom well that's another thing.

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