You Are Accepted

"Accepted for who you are" 
Look around and you will see  
     Life is not fair 
Some are born with privilege and loving care 
    While others are born in total despair 
You may overlook these things and not even care 
 But if you do 
Let me share one simple truth 
No matter your race, color, slave or free 
     God created us all to be loved 
    And you are totally accepted 
   Cherished from above
So when you hear screams "who cares about me? "
 Remember God's love will give you all you need
     And if you have more than life can dream
God commands you to share some of your blessings.

by Gayleen Rangel

Comments (1)

Another lovely poem that puts immense focus on faith! Nice photo...Most importantly, it has got spiritual tone....Remember 's love will give you all you need...Liked you pragmatic expression!