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You Are Always There
MJB (July 1,1985 / Washington, DC)

You Are Always There

Poem By Michael J. Burt

as i prepare for bed,
i know in my heart,
that no one will be there for me but you.
no one left to comfort me,
reminisce with from the day that no longer is,
no one but you.

my Savior, my Lord,
giving me strength for yet another day
giving me life to live each day
no one is there for me like you,
no one cares for me as you.

your humbling acceptance of honor
is an act of righteousness,
your choice to die for our sins
is an action that brightens us.
no one is there for me like you.

spiritually filling the room,
basically comforting,
always there for me...
my Lord is always there

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i may not share ur faith but ur words i understood well...thanx