You Are Amazing

You'll never know how many tears,
I've cried in my heart for you;
or your' pain that I feel from the
many heartaches, that you've
unfairly been through.

If I had but one wish, I would wipe
your' tears away;
and take upon myself, all your'
troubled yesterdays.

I would gently lift you up, and
never let you fall;
I would stand right beside you,
and answer when you called.

If only you could see yourself
as I see you, through my eyes;
you would then realize how much you
have, and how beautiful you are

I know that you never view yourself,
as kind, gentle or giving';
but I want to thank you, for bringing
me back, from the land of the unliving.

My prayer for you, is that one day,
you will find the love that you need;
and when you do, I know I will wish,
that the one you love would be me.

by Ruth warren

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