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You Are An Atheist

You Are An Atheist

Poem By Jolanta Gradowicz

„I am an atheist”, proudly you say,
And then I feel the sharp prick in my heart
For the pray which begins my every day
When God lets the sun rise and the day start.

Your thoughts must be devoid of Hope and sad.
Where is your soul, where is your boat
When the weather is uncertain or bad?
“I believe in science only! ” you wrote.

You believe yourself. I trust God – my Friend.
I am a speck of dust. And who are you?
Are you the Beginning? Are you the End?
No guardian angel? Can be it true?

You’ve your own principles and morality
And believe in everything that is proved.
You jeer at the faith-based mentality.
I told you of God but you weren’t moved.

You are master of your life, and you like it.
And churches and prophecies irritate you.
Your theories are odd and bizarre a bit.
I hope that some day you’ll be born anew…

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Jolanta wonderful poem, very nicely done!