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You Are An Individual

It should not matter to you your family's bad name
For the crimes of your parents and siblings you should not bear any shame
The differences in people are not that hard to see
And you seem quite a decent individual to me.

We all are individuals that's what we really are
And to meet your very equal one might have to travel far
Your parents and your siblings are so different to you
Since to the higher human principles you always do live true.

Of the judgements of others why should you live in fear
What they think is their own business or so it would appear
Your parents and your siblings for their crimes they had to pay
And you are an individual despite what others of you think or say.

Though of the judgements of our judges we never may be free
We all are individuals that's how it ought to be
And you are one good individual most would see you as okay
For to help out other people you go out of your way.

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