You Are Back Again

I won the battle once,
But I feel like you’re back again.
The feeling of your pounce,
Is taking over my life again,
It’s taking me over ounce by ounce.
And all the pain is here again.

You’re taking my joy,
Ripping it right out of my soul
You don’t realize that I’m not a toy.
I can’t find the old happiness in my soul
It feels like you’re here to annoy,
I hope you’re enjoying the fact that you’re taking my soul.

I can barely see the good things in life,
And the darkness is taking me over,
It feels like my body and I are having a strife.
I can’t hold on much longer and I begin to fall over,
It no longer feels like I’m playing a fife,
It feels like you’re taking me over.

I no longer can sleep,
And all I do is question everything.
I don’t feel like I’m strong enough to leap,
All I want to do is give up on everything,
Because I’m falling too deep,
And it’s too hard to hold on to everything.

I’m so confused,
All these thoughts are running through my mind.
I feel so abused,
By my own mind.
I hope you feel amused,
While you’re controlling my mind.

No one knows what you are doing to me,
Because I cover my cries.
No one sees that you don’t allow me to be me,
And they don’t know how it feels when the spirit inside dies,
But I do because you did this to me,
You did this not once but twice.

I need to get out of this,
I need to do it not for them but for me,
I want to be able to feel what happiness is.
I want to take my joy back not for them but for me,
I need to kill you once and for all,
I need to finally be me!

by Greta Sav

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(Dedicated perhaps to Aldo Kraas the copier, who steals the writer's soul.) Nice piece of work, very intense and remarkably well-written.10++++++