WV (17/04/1968 / Malaysia)

You Are Back? But....Why?

You're back?
But.... why?
Don't you know that I don't like you?
Go somewhere else!
Why you keep coming, back?

Just stay away...
I'm warning you.
Don't get closer.
An intractable intruder
from hell....

Get lost! ! ! I say....

You hear me?
Shut! ! the bright flickers!
Showing off, how powerful you are? ?
With your talented electrification shooting skills, eh?
Terrifying me with your rage daring flash's? ?
Combining all your strength with ur profuse energy?
Amok.. viciously...
Trying to prove how great you are?

Where is your gruff haughty friend?
Who thinks he have the most romantic,
sweetest re-echo voice on earth! ! ? ?
Priggish fools! !

Don't you ever remember?
What you did, to me?
Your one strike....
I was hospitalized
In coma for 1 1/2 months.
Providentially I survived.

Thank you...GOD!

Vindictive aren't you! ! !
Targeting...me again,
Coming back everyday
Scattering your,

Stop the sharp pounce!
You're blinding..
This innocent restless soul,
with your prickly lights! ! !

Nope! !
Ain't afraid of you...very true
Won't let you bully me either.

I'm secured! ! !
Protected with soft tender loving care
By my dearest supportive friends, you know..
Will be safe in their arms.
I'm going to them, now
They are waiting to cuddle me...in my room.

Hi there! ! !
My respected friends..my guardians
I'm here,
Hug me...
Take me to your world.


BRANDON(my Bed) loyal buddy....to jump in/ n roll over.
PHILLIP (my Pillow) faithful pal....to hug, tight.
BLANKY (my Blanket) trusted friend...to cover.

You see...
Now, you can't touch me.
Can't hurt me, anymore.
I'm fenced n floating in their, warm love.

So, shooooooooooo....
Don't interrupt
Don't come back.
Let me tell you this...

I hate you! ! ! ...I hate you! ! !
You atrocious 'LIGHTNING'.


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