AD (11th january 1992 / birmingham england)

You Are Confused

You are confused,
i understand,
ill give you some time,
no helping hand.

You need that time
alone by yourself,
to figure things out,
it will show itself.

It so not easy,
you will want to cry,
but know that im here,
want to know why?

Because i care for you,
so very much,
and i did so,
from that first touch.

And don't think about others,
just think about you,
is this who you are,
be honest and true.

Don't worry about me
i'll be just fine,
we can just be friends,
for a life time.

If you decide,
to give it a go,
then i promise you this,
we'll take it slow.

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Comments (2)

i like this poem alot it feels as if you are actually talking to me :)
that's a good invite...a decent promise too nice compostion Alaric...simple yet sweet natural rhyming scheme...10