CH (23 December / New Zealand)

You Are Cruel

Hurting with abandonment,
My sleep is cased in trouble,
I let you invade my fortress,
And see me as vulnerable.
Oppertunity seemed too much,
As your evil, vicious eyes,
Cast judgements unmercifully,
And pierced me with your lies.
My skin was no protection,
As my blood you had to drain,
Slowly you put the knife in,
And then pulled it out again.
You tell me that it wasnt you,
It was me who should confess,
You blanket me in all the blame,
After your love you unprofessed.
Sleeping gives my nightmares,
But my waking shows me hell,
6 feet buried in your hate,
Whats that decaying smell?
Oh its just my heart dying,
Rotting from your animosity,
Acid fingers immobilise,
You're a malignant, cruel disease.

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