You Are Gone

You have been gone
There is now an empty space
my mind feels empty
I see only empty words in my face

I think back to our time
It feels like youre still there
I live all those moments thrue
Wishing you were here

I pray - send me an angel
There is an lonely mind
Since you have been away
I think - was i to kind

There are memories all over the place
Bringin it back all so clear
Remember all our words
My heart feels no fear

All those lonely hours
I will think of you and fight
But you was gone with out a trace
But where can I find you in the night

My life feels so empty
There is a heart that bleeds
Was i foolish to think
I can not find the leads

I follow you steps in cyperspace
traces disappear and missing
We know what weve lost when its gone
I remember when we was kissing

All my lonely nights
my heart stills have a place
still your forever are gone
Its is time I see you as a star in space

by Tekkoo Heinrich

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