Raped In My Sleep

Lost in a dream of love
Wondering what you are doing
So far away from me late this night
Hoping that you are a lone
No one else is there with you
My mind starts to wonder more
About what it must feel like
To be loved the way that we did
So innocent and very wrong
To be robbed of something so sweet
Starting out just playful kisses
Before you know it I am torn apart
No more little miss next door
I am a sex kitten your love slave
But no one can know about this affair
We’ll both get into trouble and be stripped
All the dreams of dreams will be left
O how long we have waited for them to come true
I’ll go to sleep and pretend it never happened
Wake up tomorrow and wash it away

by Marilyn White

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Comments (3)

this is prayer of love in embracing that justifies the craving within, well penned, i like
this prayer is actually very common, but i always like to read a prayer with full of meaning in life. how we believe to gods love and that how he keep us on his loving care.
I like how you combine the worlds. This prayer really full of meaning. Nice work. its 9 for me.