You Are Here With Me

When I open my eyes
I saw you there
looking somewhere else.

I thought I would never see you
because of you, I decided to open my eyes.

I try to reach you
but you where never found.

My heart felt pain
to see you leave with her.
I cried and closed my eyes.

But now you are here
again next to me.

You waited and I did too
and now we are finally together.
I have tears on my eyes
to know you are here next to me.

It's been a long time
since I saw you.
But how happy am I
to know that you came to me.

Even if it meant the end of our lives.
Thanks to you now I know what happen
and I am glad to say
I dont regret it.

Even though we are together,
she is still next to you
not wanting to leave you with me.

My name, then your name, last her name
in the concrete below.

We are finally togerther,
yet you look at her direction
yet I am happy you are here with me.

by Karina Munoz

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