You Are In This World

The sun shines off the ocean so blue.
The river swells, that's what rainfalls do.
The call in the wild tells me the animals run free.
Up on the mountain top blows a cool summer's breeze.
The birds sing and the eagles soar
I don't miss the sound of an engine roar.
The trees rustle and the crickets play,
I look up at the stars and begin to drift away.
Floating up into the sky
I meet the sunrise.
I look out upon the earth; it's a beautiful place.
I wish I could capture it that way
and keep it nature's way.
Follow your heart, listen to the wind,
the trees all know what you must begin,
a little each day means a whole lot more;
if you give it your all, nature will give back more.

by Michael D. Horan Jr.

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