World Needed Them Most

World needed them most
It was an evening there was calm everywhere.
Some persons was burring a dead body in the cemetery.
Face of everyone was full of grief & sorrow.
Some were standing near the dead & some one here & there.
I was surprise to see the behavior of many persons there.
Some were talking about their, business; some were about their evening programmed.
A young person likely to be the son of a deceased man was discussing about his share in property with his relations.
It was a scenario of a cemetery & funeral ceremony programmed which was going there.
It means the face of the people was not showing the real picture of their heart.
It is the world of mysteries.
Money & selfishness is playing a vital role in the society.
Love & relations is base on the mutual benefits in the society.
No profit- No love.
It is the theme of the world.
However, so many people are such in the world that is away from this theme.
World needed them most.

by vijay gupta

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