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You Are Judged By

You are judged by your religion your culture your nationality and your race
You are judged by the wrinkles you have on your face
You are judged by skin colour whether it be black, white or brown
This is what happens when you are living for you on the wrong side of the town
You are judged by your culture or religion or lack of it this is how it is and will always be
You are judged if you are stateless and homeless and living in poverty
You are judged and unwanted by many if through no fault of your own you are a refugee
In a World where imperfection to it does not have a nationality
You are in the suburb where you cannot win
The wrong side of the town for you not a nice place to live in
You are thinking of and talking of to moving elsewhere
But no perfect place for to live in as such in the World out there
Everywhere there are the judgmental those who in their words drag others down
Their sort also does live on the right side of the town.

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