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You Are Just A Dog
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Are Just A Dog

You can not just...
Up and leave.
As if relieved to be unleashed.
Or make believe,
A walking away...
Prevents you to hear,
Words I speak to you go unheard.
I bet if I yelled, 'Dinner! '...
I'd see your eyes upon me appear.
And prancing as if prepared to be served.

You spoiled ME?
Is that what your eyes say?
And be leashed.
Excuse me?

I wish somebody would...
Feed me when I wanted.
Walked me when I wanted.
Scooped up my poop,
And rubbed my tummy and back.
Played with me and bought me toys!
And patiently fed to me snacks!
As I walked as if annoyed...
To be awakened from a much needed nap!
As it the tracking down of squirrels...

You are just a dog.
That's all.
I am 'your' master.
You are not mine.
Although sometimes I wonder.

Go ahead...
I just brought you inside,
From running in the park.
It is getting dark.
And you are in this house to stay.
I could care less how your roll your eyes.
Or from me walk away.
What did you say?

If I were you,
I'd keep those opinions to yourself.

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