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You Are Just A Small Part Of All Of It
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

You Are Just A Small Part Of All Of It

You wish to live life,
On your terms?
As if you have earned that right.
As if you command Summer breezes,
To caress your flesh both day and night.
Devoid of any obstacles on your path,
You might view in your sight!

Advice spoken may be for you traumatic.
And leave you feeling...
Your performance has not been that melodramatic.
Keep your dreams alive and well.
But get up off your butt.
Don't give those dreams up!
See life for what it is.
Whether negative or positive!

And those you found time to listen to moan and whine?
Leave them behind to do that!
That is a trap!

Once you view your life as a gift given...
Realize it was a 'loan'.
Giving you a chance to invest.
Doing it at your best!

You may have expectations!
Like some who live with preferences?
Look around you.
Up and down!
You are just a small part of all of it!
And God did not gift you with life...
Based upon your demands!

You have been given a right to think.
And this I am sure leaves God amused!
You may make requests.
But God ultimately decides...
And He alone does the choosing!
Unless you have found another way,
To live on your terms without His knowing.

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