You Are Life

You are the lightning that strikes my heart,
in a second you excert the life from my heart.
Like a poison you are,
your non-loyal actions run down my veins,
slowly sucking the life from them.
You brought me life, but when I most needed it,
you brought me death.

My ways are different, they are not about love,
my ways are about life,
and its ability to kill even the strongest soul in earth.

That's what you are, you are life, you came into me,
and I could feel you, life, you were free to leave me whenever
you pleased. And so, you did, left me, and you fell in to arms
that will never treasure you, like I always will.

by julio anzueto

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This is worth reading because there is creativity and purpose in this structure. It is not like other writings along this line because of both the content and its presentation. It tells a different story, though the outcome may be the same. That's what gives it value. GW62