IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

You Are Mistaken! !

The arguments range far and wide.
Opinions held stubbornly
will be adhered to by each side
Because we do not want to see.

That we may be wrong possibly.
Brain washed by what we have been taught.
By teachers who most probably
had not expended too much thought.

Passed on the tenets of their creed
for which they had no evidence.
They merely listened and agreed
which shows a lack of competence.

A teacher should be confident
that what he teaches is the truth.
Mere words are insufficient
when you are educating youth.

Challenge all you have been taught.
Although in fact it may be true
Do not accept without much thought.
The currently prevailing view.

Each creed will claim they are correct.
It ‘s human nature so to do
This will not change. I don’t expect
We’ll ever know which one is true.

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awesome.. i loved it.. perfect everything.. and much simplicity.
WOW! ! ! Another perfect quatrain stanzaic form......... having it an abab rhyme scheme fixed form...well done as always Ivor....10/10 for this traditional English verse! ! ! 10++++++++++++