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You Are My Angel
BLZ (11 December 1995 / Bandar Lampung)

You Are My Angel

Poem By Billy Lasido Zakaria Sitompul

Feel alone in this throne
Feel crazy in this cozy
Don't even know why feel the way like this
It's like prince waiting for his princess
Like men waiting for his bride

I know waiting in this twilight is not the answer
But i want someone to answer the questions
Why i feel this?
Can I cure this?
If i can't, who can?
Is it need a special treatment?

I thought that is the real questions, but it's not
Not the questions
But a question
A simple question but complicate for me
Who wants to be my Girlfriend?

7 Suns has passed
7 Stars has faded
No answer my question
Is it so hard?

Then, the Angel instead come close to me
She grabs my hand and make me fly
She turn my empty into party
And i get lost in the sky

Her smile cured my pain
Her face took my loneliness
Even I'm not perfect
She won't forsake me

Why god made girl so perfect like she is

I want to say
All i was talked about is you

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