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You Are My October Sun
SK ( / Brooklyn, New York)

You Are My October Sun

Poem By Silvana Krculic

The sun's out in Brooklyn
It's a beautiful day:

There's a picture of you
My mind revives
If I look into its rays

When you called
I wondered
Was there something on your mind?
Did you miss my kisses, or are you
Hiding your new 'find...? '

Unlike the tulip whose petals
Is your heart- constant
When you think of the hot day in August?

If yes?
Babe, the sun's still warm,
You can come: hold me sweetly in your arms,

Not to be taken by the wind that divides:
We can find brand new hides.

Do you miss the summer- gone,
Or think how, we'll again be one?
Take a walk in October Sun?

There's something
I remember well
When the sun displayed your name
M - - - - - L.

When the sun's rays got me blinded,
You would smile-
Help me find it.

But now you have a choice: to let the days
Come, or go... or turn into the summer
Of long ago.

P.S. I also remember your October Birthday 'M.J.'
I wish you were here to stay.
But if you're on the run,
You know: you're my October Sun.


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