You Are My Piece Of Paradise

Once in my life, I fell in love with the beast.
The beast who become my life and my everything.
The beast who gave me the true meaning of love.
The beast who taught me to be strong enough to fight.

It is so easy to fall in love with that beast especially that he taught me to be myself.
He taught me how to smile often and taught me the beauty within me.
He let me see his world, guide me the changes I may have,
He taught me to love him by making me the princess in that beauty and the beast.

But, the beast shattered me into pieces
Break my heart and stole the most important piece of my own puzzle.
I feel incomplete and unfixed, living me alone
With full of hatred and pain.

I was so down by that time,
Until, someone catch me from falling.
Falling down to depression and death.
He made me realize the things that I forgot to see.

He open my eyes from reality,
That all people will hurt you when pity is visible in you.
He guide me to stand up and move forward,
Forget my past and live my own life with a beautiful color

Until, I found myself, crying and realizing how stupid I was.
I learned my own lesson, I stand alone to reach my own self.
I should love my self first before loving other people
But despite all the things that happened to me,

There was the ‘HE' who never failed to stay beside me
Keep on holding my hand and cheering me up when I am in the merge of giving up.
He taught me a lot of things, way far from what the beast did.
I did love my self, and learn to accept everything.
Start on opening my heart to let HIM enter into my life.
I thought that he would do the same but I was wrong,
He kneel in front of me, and shouted how he loves me.
And with a bending knees, he said,
"You are my piece of paradise, you taught me to see the beauty of a shattered island"

by Joecel Joy Jayme

Comments (2)

A refined poetic imagination, Joecel. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
It is the best poem I ever read. Please keep writing more lovely poems as it is.