You Are My Poetry

You are my poetry
expressed through my soul
you remain days and night
to sooth my soul
whereever do i go.

by ramesh rai

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To write creatively with passion and love of life is to nourish and cherish our souls! Beautiful write!
Poetry is truly the poet's real possession. No one can take it away since it is associated with the soul. Beautifully expressed with economy of words. Thank you.
these very simple lines carry an ocean of interpretation, at least to me. whether the poet intended or not, but the 'you' in the poem, who remains always within the poet, as a part of him, an inspiration to him, an enduring impulse that makes him feel proud of himself, whether it is poesy, a person, the skill, a desire, an anticipation, a blessed hope, or the supreme Being, or his SELF itself.. yea... or an event of the past, present or that shall befall in the future, (as william wordsworth versed) well.. a wonderful expression of never failing enthusiasm and robust optimism, absolute love and earnest affection, and.. and... yea for fear of obligations, i stop here, dear poet, God bless.
poetry the expression of soul.............................nice
you are my poetry someone always inspires poets to write poetry is part of the poet nice write
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