You Are My Truth! ! !

Poem By Malaya Roses

What was said yesterday is alive today
Some hope
Some alleviation
Charms were losing binds
Perfection is too thin in humans skeletal
Real and surreal
Yesterday's fall is around the same soil
Land is under my feet
Coldness was toning misery
Within the red hot summery spring
Yesterday's fiasco
Repertoire had nailed so much misty wrong
Yesterday's legacy
Could be a tomorrow fallacy
Ambitious dream of a woman
Takes all gives all
Left to meet death
But still keep coming back to grasp a truth
A little bequest
Fragment of the heavenly pledge
Mother to daughter
The unshaken faith is counting the unbroken trail
Growing under a tree of wisdom
Only the wiser could come closer.

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what a thought to be used in a poem! is a marvelous poem, i like it.

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