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You Are My Truth
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

You Are My Truth

Poem By connie crane

We come together.
We love each other.
United in peace,
We greet one another,
With hearts of joy,
In the pleasure of union.
Our common heart of love,
That which makes all one.
We set aside the beliefs,
That divide us,
And embrace the awareness,
Of the presence of love
Which unites us.
Our union, the communion,
Of light and gratitude,
Enables us to allow the latitude,
That every heart needs to expand,
And to grow,
Beyond the limits we have all come to know,
In this our human experience.

Beloved, as I look at you today,
I want to touch you.
The part of you that knew,
Before your understanding.
The part of you that understood,
Without the need for comprehending.

I used to think that what I believed was true.
But now I see that you,
Beloved, are my truth.
My truth is not a doctrine,
A teaching or belief.
My truth is sitting here in front of me,
A part of me,
That I see,
As love incarnate.

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