You Are Never Alone

She listens to the voice,
as it whispers in her ear;
'I can hear them coming closer,
their footsteps are drawing near'.

'What do you think that I should do',
she asks the one who should know;
'I'd pretend that I was soundly asleep,
maybe then they'll leave you alone'.

'I'm willing to listen to any advice,
that you might have for me;
For you have been where I am now,
since the tender age of three'.

'Well, one thing I can tell you,
always pretend that you're asleep;
Maybe then they will ignore you,
sometimes it would work for me'.

'When you know that they are coming,
lay as still as you possibly can;
That might detour them for they truly
hate, when something messes up their plans'.

'I should know more than anyone,
what agony it can be;
to endure the roaming of their hands,
all over your' trembling body'.

'You must go now,
for they're almost here;
There's no need for you,
to shed shameful tears'.

'Are you sure that you,
will be alright;
when they come for you,
in the dark of my night'?

'Yes I am sure, I have no doubt,
just runaway and hide;
I don't want them to find us both,
huddled together tonight'.

'As soon as it is over,
will you promise that you'll return;
For it is so very lonely here,
inside of my mixed up world'.

'Don't ever blame yourself,
for it's never, ever your' fault;
And I am never far away,
I will come the moment you call'.

'And one more thing,
before I go;
No matter what happens,
you are never alone'.

by Ruth warren

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