You Are No Longer The Same..

Now, I don’t hold solace in your presence,
You have changed, that what I can gather,
All charm ness and beauty in our rapport,
Is not seen,
As you are no longer the same.

I adored your ‘inner beauty’,
As that was your only jewel,
But, its shine has now faded,
And you are no longer the same.

I told you many times,
To work on your flaws,
And get rid of the dark formulated picture,
But, you put no avail,
And escorted yourself, with your own will,
That’s why, I say, “You are no longer the same.”

You are unpredictable with moves,
I don’t get your proceedings now,
It appear that I m meeting a new person,
Who just hold my friend’s face,
That’s why, I say, ” You are no longer the same.”

by Richa Dhodi

Comments (2)

So says who? May be 'you' are no longer the same! One can not lose one's inner qualities that soon...have a compromise with your feels, dreams, expectations and realities...and find the face and mind remain the same... A wonderful poem that speaks volumes on innocent honest love its expectations and its value…ten votes…
Nice poems... That reflects wat require most in love......... the inner qualities Really appretiable