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You Are Not A Fountain Of Knowledge

I do not like these so called great thinkers Who feel superior to all human kind
For the ignorance of some things we all have in all of us
not hard to find
No such a person as a fountain of knowledge though to those with high I Q's such words we apply
And some of those conceited by their genius to impart their knowledge never shy.

'Tis said of Albert Einstein the World's greatest physicist that in school he was not the brightest of boys
But decades later he proved his true genius which came to some as a surprise
And like the poet Sam Walter Foss who glorified in his memorable verses 'The man who came up from the crowd'
The unassuming quiet achievers we admire and we will always sing their praises loud.

You self proclaimed people of genius you well may boast of your college and university degrees
But despite your rhetoric you are not a fountain of knowledge and no more of your vanity please
One could live for a billion or more years and still not even know everything
When you tell us of how wonderful you are your praises we never will sing.

You are not a fountain of knowledge though you happen to be quite well educated is true
But there are more knowledgeable people and they do not feel that they know it all like you
We could live for a million years or longer instead of eight decades or so
And about the great World all around us we would still have much to learn and know.

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