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You Are Not A Quitter

We live our lives from day to day not knowing about tomorrow
Or what the future holds for us in laughter or in sorrow
And every day we live to see for us a new beginning
The sadness that we feel in losing increase our joy in winning,
You've had your share of downs of late but in you there's the fighter
And every day you live to see hope for you shining brighter
Your lust for life and your will to live than anything is greater
Why wish to meet the reaper soon when you have to meet him later
Though others on you cast a doubt dismiss you as a minor sinner
You battle on against the odds one day you'll be a winner,
You battle on against the odds though others well may doubt you
But they don't know the one you are or anything about you,
You've hung in there through the hard times and about life you don't feel bitter
And all good things will come to you for you are not a quitter.

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