You Are So Freaking Weird

I don't know,
I don't know- how to put them in words
but let me tell you this way-
everything changes, everything;
if/ you are around!

whistle of wind/ becomes music
murmur of leaves/ become laughter
shine of Sun/becomes smile
silence of night/becomes bliss.

Everything so different-
so bright, so beautiful, so boisterous;
if- you are around.

I don't know,
I really don't know- how to put them in words.
but let me tell you-
with you-
everything changes, everything.
Everything grows, everything expands.

Wind was there be-fore, but not the music
Sun was there before, but not the smile
life was there before, but not the!
but with you, they;
they come all together...

I wonder-
how come
a tiny you, has so much of power!
As if- a whole happy universe
hides within you.
And it does not reveal itself
unless/ you are around.

Tell me-
do/ you live within universe
or universe/ lives within you?
I don't know, I just don't get it.

Do your eyes/ have a sea within?
The other day, I was swimming-
I was swimming in it, deep within.

Then I/ myself,
and I wondered where... I was!
Then I found-
my heart was playing
with your heart.
They were singing and dancing they way,
as if- none else were around.
They were so intent, so lost..
within them!

I don't know,
I truly don't know- how to put them in words;
but let me tell you this way-
I/ lose myself,
I lose myself/ if/ you are around.

I feel like-
I take you to moon/ for a tour,
take you to Jupiter/ for a laughter.
You know- it's so weird;
but this is// what you do to me.
You make me mad.
you make me insane...
drunk, delirious.

You know- I am happy this way.
If smile of soul
is the only heaven of human/
why would he leave heaven then?

It's weird, you know- it's so weird
that- your eyes/ so tiny,
yet, they hold entire universe.
Your lips so small
yet, they have infinite sweetness
your bosom just handful
yet, it holds entire rainbow sky.

you are so weird!
you are so freaking weird!
Yet, I want you around.
I want you in my dream
I want you in my death.

© Arun Maji

by Arun Maji

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Writing is a an incredible way to express ones heartache. Enjoyed reading.