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You Are The Dawn

You Are The Dawn

How the dawn brings the light
How the light fill the whole heart
The most sought after dream
From childhood to youthful charm
Keep haunting the chambers dark
Leaving the blind, without a spark.

The bright sunrays pierce all corners
The warm moon light delight all viewers
But the wrecked childhood days
Weaken the living spirit, day after day
The fast approaching phase of youth
Still finds no one to shower some warmth.

In the pre-destined darkness, left to fate
No hand is offered as help, though aghast
Love is the dire need in this crisis hour
Showering faith on us is the only savior
Hold our hand to share feelings for a day
Who’s there except you to show us a way.

Yes, you are the dawn to bring the light
Yes, you are the light to fill the dark hearts.

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You sure know your words Dr
Well Doc, I think you may have yielded to temptation here by giving yourself a 9. Am I right or am I right? Let me know if you want to know my verdict. H