You Are The One

You Are The One
Get to know you are my desirer
I have you in mind all of
The time she was next to me
I was feeling you in my soul
She was not good for me
Our time together was nothing
I am so glad it over now
I can find real love
Like one that love me for me
You was what i wanted all the time
Thank you for being here for me
I'm glad you are here with me
You wait long for me to know
How much i love you
How much you love me
I will never forget
I will hold forevermore your love
Close to my heart like lover do
Be my flower glow for me
Let the light of God shine on love
What i need you by my side
She is gone now
I can have my heart desirer you
I glad you are here for me
It been a long to wait for real love
Like you give to me
I now want to stay with your love
Can not let go of what you got
My love never been this good
You are the one for me
Now that i have you i want to keep you
Your joy make life easy each day
I'm glad you are here with me
Glad you love me too

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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