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You Are The Sun (C) 10-23-08

You are the sun came from the mouth of Shakespeare
And it’s obvious that he’s never seen you
Because your beauty is multisensory from eyes to ear
And he would’ve known the sun has nothing on you and it’s true

Your eyes make up two red giants in a beautiful hazel manner
And your smile outshines the sun two-fold
You’re love is inseparable like the Hulk and Bruce Banner
But like the sun you’ll be beautiful no matter how old

I’d try to hold you in my arms but I’m afraid I’ll be incinerated
Because like the sun no one can come close to light
Together we pair and anyone else shall be disintegrated
Strictly because I am the only one who can keep you in sight

Your voice is like an angel which leads me to believe you’re lost
No one on Earth can outshine the stars like you can
From the spirit realm to the Earthly dimension I think you’ve crossed
And to lose an angel I don’t think that was God’s plan

Even though I love you so you don’t know the damage that you’ve caused
As I scraped my knee when I fell for you
It seems like you control time because when I saw you the world paused
And that’s something only Hiro Nakamura can do

There’s a billion things that I can say about you but it’ll take a lifetime
And that’ll take up all the time for us to be one
So I’ll just finish what I have to say unstained like a white line
So truly Shakespeare doesn’t know how much you outshine the sun.

*Virus 23 - Rain*

Copyright (c) 10/23/08 Corey Threet

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Comments (3)

I love your similes and metaphors. This seems like a slightly childish poem but it has deep meaning. Amazing!
This is wonderful, Corey, great job. I really enjoy the plays on Shakespeare. Thank you. -Luna
you have your own individuality, it what makes your poems. Great write! i enjoyed this one