You 'Are' There

When I discovered and found You 'there'...
I was alone and silently in constant prayer!
I made up in my mind,
I had to give You much more time...
To recover from a hopelessness,
That seemed easy for me then to find!

With devotion and loyalty,
You finally came to comfort me!
And I now admit I had first resisted...
With beliefs You did not for me,
Could come to really exist to relieve!

But nothing in my heart,
Can now tear us apart...
You 'ARE' there and in prayer,
I feel blessed and quite lifted!
I've come to realize,
You are my total prize!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

I am happy that you found this 'you' for you in your life, , , , love the way you refer to it as your 'total prize.' Hope the lady knows your feelings that you express here so well...Or perhaps you speak of a higher being in your life, or just the gift of 'peace' in your heart and acceptance of life as it may be...not sure, but a good read.......marci.xo