You Arrived To Late

Her face is so pale,
Her arms are so bloody,
Someone needs to help her,
And quick because she needs somebody,
She does it over and over again,
And she needs your help now,
So save her now or she will die,
Her rists are now bleeding,
And she can't control it,
Get to her quick befor she gets to her neck,
Who knows what she will end up doing next,
She go's to get the rope and all the suddon she starts to chocke,
You got there to late and now she is gone,
She died with blood and horrable nightmares,
Hanging down from high up,
You could see the blood that feel from her body,
All over the floor drips more and more,
And since you took forever and ever,
She killed herself,
Now shes gone and gone forever,
You feel so horrible,
You let her down,
Now shes in her casket with apone her face is a sad sad frown.

by ashly lewellyn

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